The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0BW

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Peter and Becky Sherman, The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire. SY7 0BW

Tel/Fax - 01547 530530 E-mail -

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Do we need planning permission?

We have found that some people do and others don’t.  Your local planning department will let you know if you do or do not need planning.  If you are going for change of use on the land or renting the hut out, then you are likely to need planning permission.  Otherwise, we always advise you to contact your local planning officer and ask their advice.

We have an architect who will do a scale drawing with elevations and floor plan which you can use to show the planning officer. This has been really helpful to some of our previous customers as the planning officers have it all correctly shown in the particular style required. This usually incurs a cost from the architect but it is not expensive.  It is then always nice to keep showing people how it all started.

Can we stay in one of your huts before we buy one?

We have three Shepherd Huts here at the farm that can be hired.

What do you use on the interior finish?

We use tongue and groove boarding for the walls, but the rest is your choice.  We can supply anything for an interior you can think of, designed completely by you.  Most people have a good idea of what they want in their hut by the time they order it, but we can always give you ideas.  Choose the interior colour, paint finish, sockets and switches and flooring.  You can have a well-made laminate flooring, which we have used on our show huts so we know it can stand up to the foot fall and all weather conditions, down to re-claimed oak floor boards.  Even the wall panels can be horizontal or vertical, with or without a dado rail.

It really is up to you.   

Can you move the hut once we have installed it?

We supply a detachable draw bar with a turn table underneath so that you can move your hut in a complete circle and re-position it.  All you need is a vehicle with a ball hitch; a quad bike, tractor or 4 x 4 is fine.  This is really useful because in the winter you may prefer the hut to be nearer to your house and then move it to a different location for the summer.  If you move house, we can always come back with our trailer and help you move it so you never lose your investment.

Do we need any special base for the hut to sit on?

This depends on ground conditions.  We normally recommend you cast an 18 inch cube of concrete for each wheel on firm subsoil.  If your ground is hard enough you may be able to site the hut on paving slabs.  We will let you know the distance between the wheels so you can get this ready before the hut arrives; some customers have placed a concrete slab sunk into the ground or even railway sleepers. Depending on the condition of the site, you can always just leave it directly on the ground.

What safety standards do you use?

The electrics are installed by a team of NIC level qualified electricians to so we can supply you with a certificate if you are renting the hut out.  Also, we have a team of qualified plumbers to install the plumbing.

The wood burners are made in the UK by a qualified engineer who has been in the industry for over 15 years and runs his own company, so he makes the size and style exactly to our requirements.  We then install them with an aluminium back plate to protect the wood panelling on the walls and a small stand for it to sit on with a flue and witches hat.  We put in all of the air vents needed to circulate the air and give advice on using the wood burner with a safety leaflet.

Do you charge for delivery? What if we need a crane and what if we have access issues?

We ask for our fuel money and, if there are any overnight costs, we ask for money towards the cost of the accommodation.  We do not charge by the hour when we deliver the hut and will stay with you until you are happy with the position of the hut and we have explained all the details to you, even if it all takes all day!

Our huts are always delivered by our own people and do not get a haulage company involved.  We have our own specially-made trailer that has been built exactly for our huts to travel on, which makes them easier to remove from the trailer and position.  We find out when you order your hut if you have any delivery issues and we will always, if possible, do a site visit if you are unsure.